Dental & Vision

dentalOnce you have major medical in place, you will want to consider providing additional coverage for yourself and your family in the form of dental and vision insurance. Even base policies provide you with wellness exams to ensure you do not suffer serious illness or injury later in life.

At Needham Insurance, we work with highly rated insurance companies across the country to bring you the greatest health and wellness coverage at affordable rates. Our independent agency is not tied to any single company, which means we are able to offer you independent judgment and support so you can make an informed, unbiased coverage decision. Learn more about the companies we work with and the other advantages you can gain by contacting us today!

Dental Insurance
The most basic dental insurance plan provides for twice-yearly dental checkups and the occasional x-rays. The question you should ask yourself before purchasing the basic plan is whether that will be enough to cover your and your family’s dental needs. We can help you identify any additional options that will provide you with the comprehensive coverage you require, including:

  • Orthodontia
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implants

Once you know the type of coverage you want, we can then help you identify the best fitting plan, ranging from PPOs to fee-for-service plans.

Vision Insurance
Insurance companies offer vision plans that include routine checkups and various levels of ophthalmic care, ranging from corrective lenses to glasses to Lasik surgery. To understand what eye care you need and which plans make sense from a cost and coverage standpoint, reach out to us today!